Stanimir Panayotov

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest, with a specialization in Medieval Studies. My main interests and contributions are in continental and feminist philosophy, gender studies, queer theory, critical theory, and autonomist Marxism in particular. My ongoing work includes more specifically Neoplatonism, non-philosophy, speculative/new realism and new materialism. My PhD project’s working title is “Disembodiment in Neoplatonism and New Realism.” Since 2009 I have worked mostly on Plato’s Timaeus, Platonist cosmology and the notion of chora and its feminist/poststructuralist reception. I now have moved on to explore how the question of the body arose out of the Middle Platonist and Neoplatonist receptions of the Timaeus, and how chora served as a mediating term that disquieted philosophical materialism and positive notions of matter, corporeality and embodiment. In my project I compare attitudes towards the body in pre-Christian Neoplatonism and Gnosticism with ongoing debates on embodiment in speculative/new realism and new materialism. To this end my interest in new realism and materialism is mediated by Laruelle’s non-philosophy (mostly Philosophy II-III) and his inversion of the Neoplatonic One, allowing for non-hierarchical metaphysics which in turn opens up a new interpretation of chora for feminist poststructuralism. I am also particularly interested in the intersection between Laruelle’s non-philosophy and Iamblichus’ theurgy. Currently I am part of ISCH COST Action IS1307 New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on "How Matter Comes to Matter." I am also co-director of Sofia Queer Forum (2012-present). I have translated several books into Bulgarian and numerous articles by the likes of Butler, Sedgwick, Halperin, W. Brown, M. Wark, etc.