François Laruelle and Non-Standard Philosophy: The Path of Least Resistance


February 8–9 2018

TUJ-ULB Contemporary Philosophy Workshop 2019

"François Laruelle and Non-Standard Philosophy: The Path of Least Resistance”

This research workshop aims at providing a platform for scholars in the field of contemporary continental philosophy to discuss the significance of Non-Philosophy. The thematic focus of the workshop will be on the notion of “resistance” in the works of François Laruelle but any papers on Non-philosophy in the context of contemporary continental philosophy are welcomed.


Philosophy or philosophical knowledge functions as a foundational rational core of all modes of thought attempting to envision the real. The paths philosophy undertakes historically embrace a totalizing ambition in the supposed attempt to define, grasp and/or seize the essence of the real. Laruelle’s non-standard philosophical approach offers a new path, one of least resistance that moves away from the pre-established pursuits to grasp and deliver us the real (le Réel). This elusive yet ultimate desire of philosophy defines all forms of (philosophical) thought without exception. Traditional philosophy and metaphysics are in ceaseless pursuit of totality in regard to various practices and modes of production as well as use of knowledge.

Moreover, non-standard philosophy tries to establish what will serve as an underlying principle of democracy in thought. Philosophy re-produces and reasserts itself through the production of knowledge, feeding on its own self-sufficiency while non-standard philosophy tries to liberate knowledge by using its generic potential so that new forms of thought and knowledge can emerge. Philosophy defines, confines, and shapes subjects and objects, non-standard philosophy tries to use the available knowledge in a way that eludes known philosophical constraints. There can not be real democracy without first and foremost instituting a democracy in thought, and this is where non-standard philosophy will be used to provide a future platform and methodology grounded in genericity of knowledge and immanence rather than traditional metaphysics. We need a novel path of least philosophical resistance if we are to achieve these goals.

01 / 07 / 2018

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