Stanimir Panayotov

Stanimir Panayotov is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen, Russia, since 2021. He graduated in Philosophy from Sofia University (Bulgaria, 2004), earned his Master’s degree in Philosophy and Gender Studies from Euro-Balkan Institute (North Macedonia. 2011), where he studied with Katerina Kolozova and Miglena Nikolchina, and defended his PhD in Comparative Gender Studies at the Central European University (Hungary, 2020) on the problem of disembodiment, working under the supervision of Eszter Timár and István Perczel. 

He has taught various courses in humanities in Skopje, Budapest, and Jerusalem, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Center for Advanced Study Sofia (2020/21), and has held various fellowships at Institute of Philosophy, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia, 2013); Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje (North Macedonia, 2015); Linköping University (Sweden, 2016); American Research Center in Sofia (Bulgaria, 2016/17); Kingston University, London (UK, 2017); Utrecht University (the Netherlands, 2018), and has lectured internationally at various institutions and festivals. 

Since 2017, he is editorial board member of Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy. Panayotov is also co-director and co-organizer of Sofia Queer Forum (Sofia, 2012-present), as well as Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics (Skopje/Belgrade, 2012-2017), and was the editorial manager of Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture (2017-2021).

Most recently, he is a co-editor of Black Metal Rainbows (PM Press, 2021) and the editor of Zlatomir Zlatanov, No One Knows Why: Collected Plays (Black Flamingo Publishing, 2021) and O-Zone: An Ecology of Objects (Punctum Books, forthcoming 2021). Panayotov is also a poet, having published two books so far: God vs F31 (Ars/Scribens, 2013; second edition: Black Flamingo Publishing, 2021), and Axiom and Grief (Metheor, 2020). He has also translated into Bulgarian books and texts by authors such as Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, David M. Halperin, McKenzie Wark, Jasna Koteska, to name a few. 

Panayotov specializes in continental philosophy with a special attention on its intersections with feminist philosophy, non-philosophy, late antique philosophy, and new/speculative realism.

His primary research deals with: 
-feminist philosophies and theories of embodiment and disembodiment;
-the non-philosophy of Laruelle, Schmid, Kolozova; 
-new realism and continental realism: the autonomy of objects, human and non-human agencies, -philosophies and theories of matter, and definitions of the Real; 
- late antique philosophy and religion (focus on Plotinus and Iamblichus; intellectual history of the body in late antiquity, as it intersects with the development of early Christianity and Gnosticism).

In addition, he also works or has written on:
-Marxist and social and political philosophy (autonomism; Marxist humanism; the Johnson-Forest -tendency; necropolitics);
-black metal music studies (especially drone, sludge, shoegaze); 
-contemporary art.