Calum Hazell

Calum Hazell is a writer, artist and researcher. His practical work has appeared in many online places, and his book, TENDS, was published by Veer Books in 2017. Some recent projects have explored the establishment of parietal and ritualistic practices in Upper-Palaeolithic cave sites (scud and isomorph with comb.); the development and reception of iconographic images and their speculative relation to biosemiotics (Wung chan e); the functionalities of phosphodiesterase inhibitors in cell signalling (GLASS INFORMATION); and the pastoral use of tavolette by Dominican confraternities in 15th century Renaissance Italy (14 Stock Frequencies: Variations on the & Manifold). His areas of research include Continental Philosophy; Non-Standard Philosophy; Epistemology of Science; Innovative and Experimental Poetry and Poetics; Modernist Art; Ancient Egyptian Religion and Mythology; and Archaeology of the Upper Palaeolithic. Correspondences are developed between these disparate fields in his PhD project, supervised by Dr. Olga Goriunova, and presently titled “The Poetics of Abstraction”.