Katerina Kolozova

KATERINA KOLOZOVA, PhD, is the director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities-Skopje, Macedonia and a professor of gender studies at the University American College-Skopje.

She is also visiting professor of political philosophy at Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade: Postgraduate Program in Political Studies. She and Affiliate and Member of Board of the New Centre for Research and Practice. In the past decade she has been one of the coordinators of several European research projects and academic networks.

In 2009, Kolozova was a visiting scholar in the Department of Rhetoric (Program of Critical Theory) at the University of California-Berkeley. She is the author of Cut of the Real: Subjectivity in Post-stucturalist Philosophy (New York: Columbia University Press, 2014), Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle (Brooklyn: Punctum books, 2015).

Kolozova is the editor of After the “Speculative Turn”: Realism, Philosophy, and Feminism (Brooklyn: Punctum books, 2016), co-edited with Eileen A. Joy, and has contributed to several collections such as Laruelle and Non-Philosophy (Edinburgh University Press) edited by Anthony Paul Smith and John Mullarkey, Superpositions: Laruelle and the Humanities (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017) edited by Rocco Gangle and Julius Greve and most recently the Post-Human Glossary (Bloomsbery Academic Press, 2017) edited by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova.

Her forthcoming book with Bloomsburry Academic (2019) is titled "Form, Stucture Matter: Capitalism and the Holocaust of the Animals."